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The door of opportunity unlocks.

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A mysterious portal-like door has been discovered in the American midwest. Rumors of The Door’s existence began on internet message boards and through the widespread network of internet vigilantes who call themselves nondi/script. As the world simmers with conspiracy theory, the curious and thrill-seeking set out to find the The Door and learn what lies on the other side.

The government, desperate to regain control, has given Matthus Sugarbuerger, CEO and founder of the world’s largest internet company, Teamer Corporation, the power of Private Executive Order. Both Sugarbuerger and President Farrow can act “for the sake of national security” without Congressional oversight. And with the help of Teamer’s technology, every person on earth is being monitored and spied on.

The state-issued mandate not to seek The Door means it’s the ornery, unattached, and adventurous members of society are those that pursue it. Historically speaking, humankind has survived largely because of these risk-taking individuals — ones willing to push out from ports in search of a “New World,” who fly planes over oceans, and board rockets to space. But while we owe these people so much, people who “think different” continue to scare us. Societies repeatedly brand these people as enemies, defectors, and menaces to society and have hunted, jailed, and silenced them out of fear that the system, and those who have much to lose with the folding of the system, may collapse. Discovery of The Door has ignited a manhunt of this kind like never before in history.

We follow Neil, Jack and Amelia, the first individuals to successfully make it through The Door and onto The Other Side. What is the origin of this new world? Who will live there? How will they survive?

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