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Communities bring people together around interests that are important to them. Anyone can explore, join, or create a community. And hello communities are public so that everyone who shares the same passion can easily discover each other and become part of the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different between personas and communities

Communities are user-created and you can tag up to two relevant personas for a community. Jots tagged with a community are distributed the same way a jot posted to those personas would be, but is also distributed to all the community members. For example, a community called 'funny cats' is tagged to the 'cat owner' and 'comedian' persona. If you post a jot of a funny cat and tag the 'funny cats' community, it will share to all the community members as well as 'cat owner' and 'comedian' persona members. Communities have a customizable profile, a folio with all its tagged jots, and a community chat.

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Who can create a community

Any hello user can create a community once they have established their reputation in the community’s parent personas -- up to a lifetime maximum of 100 communities. Initially, as we rollout communities, you are limited to creating two per day. Communities cannot be created in the ‘base’ persona because they are meant to be specific to a passion. A community cannot be renamed or change personas after creation.

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How do you create a community

A hello user can create a community once they unlock an achievement in any persona besides 'base'. Once you unlock an achievement in a persona, you are able to create a community under that persona.To create a community, just choose the community name, language, and personas -- and confirm there isn’t already a community for that interest you can help nurture. Then add a description and photo to represent the community. When the community is created a jot is automatically generated to announce it to members of the persona/s.

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How do users join a community

To join a community, visit the community profile by either using the browse feature or tapping the hexagonal community icon on a jot. hello users can join any community (up to 100 at a time) even if they aren’t a member of the parent persona(s). Communities can have unlimited members.

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What can members do

Members get to tag the community when creating jots and will receive the jots that their fellow community members create -- even if they aren’t members of the parent personas or followers of the creator. They can also comment/heart jots and participate in the community chat. A member’s communities will be visible on their profile so others can check out their interests. Members can invite their friends to join the community.

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What can non-members do

Non-members can browse the communities and visit the community profile to see the current membership and view, comment or heart any community jot. They can also view the community chat but cannot participate in the discussions.

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What can leaders do

Community leaders have advanced moderation privileges to let them curate content and membership. They can remove a jot or abusive member out of the community, and can edit the community photo or description. Leaders who act abusively can be reported by members and non-members and may have their leadership rights revoked.

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What happens if a community leader goes away

Over time, members of the community will automatically gain or lose leadership rights based on their community accomplishments and reputation. If the leader(s) of a community leave, the members who have been most instrumental in building the community will become the new leaders. If there are no active members, the community will be automatically deleted -- all the jots that prior members created will still remain on their creator’s profiles, but the community chat will be lost.

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How do communities affect my folio

Non-members won’t see any difference in their folios due to community jots. Jots posted to a persona community will still be distributed to members in the persona as normal. For example, if they follow the 'cat lover' persona, they will see jots shared by communities that selected 'cat lover' as one of their personas. However, if there is a community that doesn’t appeal to them in their personas, users can mute the community to stop receiving its content. And users can join communities in personas other than their main five to additionally receive that specific content. So the communities feature will actually allow users to improve the relevance of their folios.

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What happens with inappropriate community jots

Non-members can still report jots as problematic if they are offensive or inappropriate as they would any other jot. Members can notify the leaders when a community jot isn’t relevant to the community so the leaders can curate.

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